Friday, April 24, 2009

Good thing this Stand up Liberal is'nt in Ontario

No ridducule or name calling from the asses????

B.C. safety minister suspended from driving for 'excessive speeding'

B.C. Solicitor General John van Dongen, the province's top law enforcement official, has been suspended from driving because of traffic tickets for what he said was "excessive speeding."

Van Dongen, who is also the minister of public safety and is running for re-election as a Liberal in Abbotsford South, issued a written statement Friday, saying he "accepted the temporary prohibition."

In an interview with CBC Radio on Friday afternoon, van Dongen said he received two tickets in the last 18 months stemming from "excessive speeding" on a Saanich highway in Victoria and on Highway 99.

His vehicle was going 41 km/h in excess of the highways' speed limit, he said. Van Dongen told another local radio station that the driving prohibition is for four months.

Van Dongen said he received last Thursday a letter from the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (OSMV) — which is part of his cabinet portfolio — giving notice of "a driving prohibition due to tickets I have received for speeding."

"I will not be appealing the decision and have mailed my driver's licence to the OSMV," van Dongen said in the statement. "I fully understand and accept responsibility for my driving behaviour and believe it is my duty to fully and completely comply with the decision."

Van Dongen has asked the government to have his responsibility for the OSMV and the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia reassigned.

"While I am not currently involved in any active decisions as minister with respect to these agencies, I feel it is important that both my actions and this latest decision do not have any detrimental impact on public confidence in either ICBC or OSMV.

"I fully recognize the importance of public safety and compliance with the law on our roads. The law applies equally to me as it does to everyone else and I strongly support that," van Dongen said.

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