Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dalton Gang blowing dough!

When I was kid in 80s up at our cottage on Dickey Lake, Coe Hill, I would laugh at my Grandfather with his glass of rye and coke ranting about politicians and the way they spend our money, from Trudeau to Mulroney, no one was safe!

It should come as no shock to anyone at the way our elected Provincial goverment spends our tax dollars, it seems its a bottomless pit when it comes to throwing our cash around.

23.1 million dollars spent to get 3.5 million from numerous people and companys to preserve Ontario's good name, no wonder The Dalton Gang fought for 4 years to keep this from the public!

Perhaps The Dalton Gang did'nt see that the citizens were getting shafted, I assume Bently was busy illegally crushing cars and trying to find out what a Pit Bull actually looked like!

Enough of you and the idiots that follow you McGuinty.

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