Wednesday, January 21, 2009

11 weeks and Dalton moves!

50,000 students from York University have been sidelined for almost 11 weeks, and just today my boy Dalton gets his act together and sends in a mediator.

The previous day Dalton said the government would not get involved in the strike, I guess that extra day was a real eye opener!
Maybe Dalton knew he had to do something after reports of some students in the parking lot, sitting in imported cars, eating food with a high saturated fat content, while smoking and talking on a cell phone with a helpless 15 year old kid in the back seat, trying to get a flag girl for the next street race!

Glad you're on the job Dalton!


  1. I guess you totally neglected to read all the Toronto and Canadian newspapers that quoted McGuinty as not wanting to interfere because of a certain precedent-settling ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada in favour of unions (unfortunately) can look it up yourself, learn to do some research.

    I was all in favour of sending CUPE a big middle finger any way possible, but I'd rather NOT have millions of MY tax dollars spent by the government fighting a lawsuit from CUPE that they'd surely lose.

    We're lucky the union took the "high road" (in their words). If they sued the government and prolonged the strike, most people would have been yelling at McGuinty anyway.

  2. I pay TAXES too, you selfish prick!
    Apparently you think I am in favour of the union, which I am not!
    Sending in a mediator in the 2nd or 3 week would have hurt what?

    mediate Definition
    me·di·ate (mē′dē āt′; for adj., -it)

    intransitive verb mediated -·at′ed, mediating -·at′·ing be in an intermediate position or location be an intermediary or conciliator between persons or sides