Friday, September 25, 2009

Officer rapped in case involving Star reporter

This officer should make a great leader of the union..........

Sep 25, 2009 11:42 AM
Robyn Doolittle
Crime Reporter
Const. Michael McCormack, who is running for the Toronto Police Association presidency, was convicted of insubordination at a police tribunal this morning.

Supt. Jane Wilcox said she did not believe McCormack's testimony that he was carrying out police business when he ran a former Star crime reporter's name through law enforcement databases.

McCormack was charged with insubordination under the Police Act after checking reporter John Duncanson's name on three police databases in January 2008.

Duncanson, who died in January, wrote extensively about police corruption in the service – including stories involving McCormack's brother, William Jr.

Earlier, McCormack told the hearing that Duncanson wanted to meet.

"He (said he) had information for me," McCormack testified. Duncanson also mentioned he was facing impaired driving charges.

McCormack testified he checked databases "to see if John was wanted or should be in court."

But prosecutor Insp. Scott Gilbert alleged it was done for personal reasons.

McCormack will likely lose three days pay. His lawyer, Peter Brauti, who could not appear today for personal reasons, will meet with Wilcox next week to set a date for sentencing submissions.

Outside the hearing, McCormack said he felt the wrong decision was made and it should not affect his run for the union.


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