Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ontario moves to seize bike-theft suspect's property

Sounds like a Police State, where no conviction is needed, when the THUGS in Government Seize your property, sell it and cut up the proceeds for vote grabbing propaganda.

Anthony Reinhart

Last updated on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009 02:56AM EDT

.Accused bicycle thief Igor Kenk is still a long way from justice on dozens of criminal charges, but that isn't stopping the Ontario government from moving to take ownership of his bike repair shop, pickup trucks and 2,292 bicycles seized in police raids across west-end Toronto last summer.

On Monday, Mr. Kenk will be hauled into court in handcuffs to face a forfeiture hearing under the Civil Remedies Act, a controversial law that allows the province to seize and sell property deemed to be connected to crime, regardless of whether its owner has been criminally convicted or even charged. If government lawyers can link Mr. Kenk's property to the “large-scale organized bicycle theft ring and drug distribution network” police have accused him of operating, the province stands to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars, court documents suggest, based on the $700,000 value Mr. Kenk placed on his shop site, on a trendy stretch of Queen Street West, last year.

Globe and Mail

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