Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another joke from the Liberals


It was announced Monday, November 3, that Bill 117 (Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Child Passengers on Motorcycles), 2008) passed first reading. It would ban all kids under 14 from being passengers on motorcycles. As a father, and as a very proud parent, who loves cruising on my motorcycle, it saddens me, that I may now have to tell my 5 year old son, that he will no longer be allowed to join Daddy for any more rides until he's 14 years of age. For a year now, my son, has had the privilege of little jaunts on Daddy's ride around the neighbourhood, FULLY AND PROPERLY CLOTHED, WITH A DOT APPROVED PROPERLY FITTED HELMET, so that he could become accustomed to the proper riding and safety techniques of riding a motorcycle on the road. This is a privilege that I have allowed him, and even at 5, he has shown the maturity and respect that it takes to be a passenger on a motorcycle. This is now no longer going to be available to him!...or to anyone else out there with children, and the love to ride. I'm not stupid either, as I write this petition. I know that I am possibly considered negligent towards my son, but I know where and when I can take him. But...if I am negligent than so is our school bus systems and our city transit commissions. Should we stop putting our children on buses too?! Should we stop them from climbing the jungle gyms at our local parks?! What's next??!! If this is the case we should take them off their pedal bikes too!! I never ever wish any harm on my son, or any other child out there, but seriously, what IS next. The Ontario government persistently continues to work against the motorcyclist and motorcycling community. They continue to stereotype us as criminal outlaws and deem us irresponsible and negligent. This has to stop! The politicians who produce these laws, by simple statistics, which are just that...statistics, should further their research and not jump so hastily into law making rubbish!!

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