Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Police officers make mistakes too!

I'm NOT a Cop hater and to be truthful I would not have started this blog if it had not been for Daddy Dalton and his BS about HTA 172

I just don't believe that law enforcement in Ontario should have the power of legalized theft, stealing the vehicle you bought with the money you've earned!
All upfront, before any court date, on the officers word alone you're screwed for not only 7 days, but for years to come with already criminal insurance premiunm before your charged!

Within the last week alone, 3 Toronto Police Officers have been charged with various offences.
If a Staff Inspector as no respect for law does this mean other officers follow his lead?
Staff Insp. Steve Izzett faces nine charges under the Police Act, including oppressive and tyrannical behaviour, deceit, abuse of authority and misconduct related to an investigation.

On Friday Feburary 27 2009 Const. Donald Graham, 61, of 42 Division another vetran of TPS was charged with impaired with blood alcohol level over 80mg!

And the best for last and it's true this guy still has his weekly pay cheque coming in!
Const. Douglas Schouten, 42, who has been an officer for 21 years, is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday on a charge of theft under $5,000.
The accused idiot stole a bottle booze from a liquor store on Avenue Rd.
This is NOT the first time this Vetran officer has been hot water, back in November of 2007 Const. Douglas Schouten was charged with assualt, oddly enough no more was ever published and the results of the assault and fail to comply with a court order charges were never made public!

And Daddy Dalton gives these officers powers to legally STEAL MY PROPERTY with a roadside trial, great job Dalton!

And again a BIG thank you to Laurie Scott!

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