Monday, December 22, 2008

Brain Surgery at it's finest!

By The Canadian Press
Dec 22/08

TORONTO - The head of the Ontario Provincial Police says drivers who crash in bad weather because of their own negligence should have to pay the bill.

Commissioner Julian Fantino will propose absolute liability legislation today under the Highway Traffic Act to hold irresponsible drivers accountable. This essentially means making drivers pay for accidents in which they were driving aggressively in poor weather, not insurance companies

Fantino says at least 40 per cent of crashes are caused because people are going too fast in poor conditions and not paying attention.

He says his proposal targets people "who could care less" about how they are driving when the roads are bad.

Fantino says his proposal mirrors laws currently on the books in almost every state in the U.S.

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  1. How much more should Ontario take of this guy?

    Right from his days in York region, London, Toronto and now the OPP. which you're a disgrace to this fine police force!

    You want government to make new laws to hold people accountable for accidents on our roads, yet you won't be held accountable for your own actions!