Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cop probed for harassing 'rats'

I'm beyond shocked by the author of this article, this is not his style
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Funny I can't find any information on the Breton Berthiaume incident!


A veteran Toronto cop allegedly called fellow officers "rats" and then tailed their cruiser after they charged an off-duty Halton police officer with impaired driving.

More than 20 Toronto Police officers are being interviewed by internal affairs following the weekend arrest near the Halton cop's High Park home.

The force is also looking at the actions of senior officers who possibly allowed the confrontation to happen.

The scope of the probe goes beyond the individual officer and will look at "what happened and what didn't happen, and what should have," Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash said.

"Preferential treatment for police officers undermines the relationship with those we are sworn to serve and protect," Pugash said.

No charges have been filed but he said the investigation is a high priority for the service.

Breton Berthiaume, 28, a constable assigned to Halton's Oakville district who joined the service in January 2008, was arrested by two 11 Division cops, one who has less than a year's service, early Saturday morning on High Park Ave.

Berthiaume was taken to 22 Division for a breathalyzer test.

But, sources said, a veteran with about 20 years on the force and based at the Etobicoke station berated the 11 Division officers who arrested Berthiaume, who was subsequently charged with impaired driving.

One police source said the veteran reportedly called the arresting officers "rats."

The comments apparently were made on the station's internal PA system, but no one with Toronto Police would comment on that report.

When the arresting officers left 22 Division to return to southwest Toronto, the veteran officer allegedly followed them.

The officers were spooked by his behaviour and blew through a red light, sources said.

They were then given a ticket by the veteran officer for driving through the light.

Berthiaume, who was off work with an injury, is now suspended with pay, but a Halton police spokesman, Sgt. Brian Carr, said it's expected he'll soon be assigned to administrative duty.

Toronto Sun

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